Part One:

My name is Alexa, and I am a student at Keene State College. My time has been productive and daily I spend my time soaking up knowledge. It’s not that I’m tired of how things are now, but I know that we all have the capacity of positive change. As we organize our lives, I believe remembering daily to be kind is imperative.

I’m from a small town in Vermont on the Connecticut River, with many mountains for hiking and skiing nearby. My mom’s had us recycling since before I can remember. When I was a kid, ny dad had peppers and tomatoes growing in the backyard, and we always had wild raspberries. My first grade teacher Mrs. Fuller was the wife to a local small scale dairy farmer, and a few times throughout my school career did we visit the farm. Nature has always been around me, but it’s such a defined social construct I’ve only recently noticed how connected I’ve been- and how we need to remove these barriers on the definitions to truly be one as intended.


Part Two:

Drafting: The Unofficial Art of Practice

Oftem, the world we live in expects and implies instant gratification and perfection upon first try. Inate human nature grants us the imperfect ability to not be perfect, and that’s entirely okay. Y’know how you tend to struggle to implement a new daily action instantaneously? That’s just how it’s supposed to be. Systems of environmentalism are not adaptive overnight, the process of building a homestead or cross country van is not done overnight.

Like this, I believe good writing takes many drafts. As an English major I know that how I articulate myself is important. A drafting system is a crucial step to thorough writing and it pays to read and reread our words to question their consciousness and validity to the work. Much how we should always ask ourselves (daily) if our lives are living up to our ideas of environmentalism, each day is a new draft, a new opportunity to try to be more purposeful.


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