Opening Words

Good Morning America,

I know that this sounds negative, but the world is ending. I like to think about the future positively, however. We’ll all be dead, but the Earth (our home) will finally get the chance to H E A L. And we’re products of the Earth, who are systematically destroying all that our mother has offered us. That’s super fucked. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you…

So, how about returning to nature? Living a life where you’re giving back as you take, only taking what you need, and respecting where you have got your resources from… They’re honestly just the main values of being a genuine animal.


Which reminds me- Who believes, deep in their heart, that they are not an animal? Because I feel as if humans have evolved to forget their roots, and therefore are ignorantly obliterating the gift they’re surrounded by. So, wake up fellow apposable thumbed hairless baboons- we aren’t some intelligible species, we’re entirely unintelligible and just so happen to get lucky occasionally. Hell, not a single animal species but humans have gone out of their way to destroy Earth. No other animal uses their personal characteristics to destroy their home. It’s entirely obsurd and counterproductive.