Product Alternatives

A few brands that sell all natural, or organic products:

Dr. Bronner

Tom’s All Natural of Maine


Newman’s Own


Burt’s Bees

Cascade Farms

Stonyfield Farms


Most of these brands sell literally everything you’lol need to succeed at life. From alternative body products free of sulfates and harmful chemicals to box Mac and cheese and Oreos… The organic, cruelty free world of consumerism has you covered. In transitioning to a lifestyle that is build on conscious awareness, it’s imperative to remember how our consumerism plays a large part in our carbon footprint.

By supporting companites that take the environment into consideration, you’re only further reducing your own ecological impact. In a world where we live for our own conveniences, buying processed food should be done more cautiously. Not only does the packaging tend to be more reduce/reuse friendly, but they often don’t test on animals. Companies that sell body products tend to also be more aware of their byproduct waste and animal testing stance.

Label of D.B
Label of D.B

Personally, using these products make me feel less guilty as a consumer. I feel better knowing that my choices aren’t contributing as harshly to the world around us.

A few things I use on the daily: